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Creation timelines for the standard lorem ipsum passage vary, with some citing the 15th century and others the business data.

Data migration and historical data transfer is typically agreed upon with the service provider during the pre-selling stage. In Hilsoft’s case, we can commit to migrating master list of data such as users, chart of accounts, inventory items and beginning balances but not the transactions. But technically its doable.

Hidden costs all depends on how the solution provider present their product and service. But typically, feature requests that are not identified during requirements gathering stage shall be subject to customization fees. Hence it is important the user and the service providers have a detailed list of the requirement during contract signing.

Solutions available in the market normally have their own APIs available in integrating with other software or database. The success of the integration all depends on the commitment of the software provider and the participation of the third party software in providing necessary information or documentation during the course of the integration development.

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