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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a cluttered wallet or purse filled with numerous physical cards? Are you concerned about the environmental impact of excessive paper waste and plastic pollution? What about the raising stationary and printing costs?

Innosoft Digital Smart Cards are here to provide a secure and convenient solution. Developed by Intuinno Software Solutions Limited, a leading company in digital identity and smart card solutions, Innosoft Digital Smart Cards combine NFC and QR code technologies to revolutionize the way you store and share personal and professional information.

What Makes Innosoft Digital Smart Cards Stand Out?

Innosoft Digital Smart Cards are the digital counterparts of your physical cards, including ID cards, business cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards. Accessible through the Innosoft app on your smartphone or smartwatch, these cards offer a range of benefits that will transform the way you manage your cards:


    1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: With Innosoft Digital Smart Cards, you no longer need to carry a wallet overflowing with cards. Access all your cards instantly, anytime, and anywhere through your smartphone or smartwatch. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right card or worrying about leaving important cards behind.

    1. Enhanced Security: Protecting your information is paramount. Innosoft Digital Smart Cards provide robust security features, including biometric authentication and PIN code protection. Rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure, even if your device is misplaced or stolen. You can also remotely delete or deactivate your cards to maintain complete control.

    1. Eco-Friendly Solution: By adopting Innosoft Digital Smart Cards, you contribute to a sustainable future. Reduce paper waste and plastic pollution associated with traditional cards. Make an environmentally conscious choice by embracing digital alternatives that have a positive impact on our planet.

    1. Dynamic and Interactive Features: Innosoft Digital Smart Cards allow you to update your card information seamlessly. No more reprinting and distributing new cards every time you change your details. Additionally, you can enhance your cards with interactive features, such as videos, audio clips, maps, and more, creating engaging experiences for recipients.

Cost Reduction Guaranteed:

Traditional paper cards can be expensive to print and design. Innosoft Digital Smart Cards offer a cost-effective solution, guaranteeing a 50% reduction in your average spending on printing and designing physical cards. Save money while enjoying the benefits of digital smart cards.

AI-Powered Engine for Effortless Transition:

With our AI-based engines, converting all your physical business cards into digital versions becomes a breeze. Simply scan your physical cards using the Innosoft app, and the smart engine will convert them into digital format, preserving all essential contact details.

Sync and Organize with Ease:

The smart engine enables automatic synchronization of contacts, ensuring that your address book stays up-to-date. Say goodbye to manual entry and tedious updates. Let Innosoft Digital Smart Cards streamline your contact management process.

Full Power of Customer Management System (CMS):

Integrate the admin dashboard with calendar management features to unlock the full potential of a comprehensive Customer Management System (CMS). Seamlessly manage your contacts, appointments, and important dates in one centralized location. Stay organized and enhance productivity with ease.

Try Innosoft Digital Smart Cards Today!

Ready to experience the future of smart card solutions? Visit the Intuinno Software Solutions Limited website at to download the Innosoft app from the App Store or Google Play. For further information and inquiries, reach out to / or call +254737528000.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to simplify your life, protect the environment, and enjoy the convenience of Innosoft Digital Smart Cards. Embrace this groundbreaking solution and discover a new level of efficiency, connectivity, and cost savings

Capture the essence of innovation and connectivity with our digital business card solution. Say goodbye to traditional paper cards and embrace the future of networking. Experience the power of a digital presence in the palm of your hand. #DigitalBusinessCards #Innovation #Connectivity
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